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Get All Your Mediation CPDs in One Place with Profectional®

Be a better mediator with a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course from Profectional®.

As an Accredited Mediator of the Hong Kong Mediation Accreditation Association Limited (HKMAAL), Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC), Hong Kong Mediation Centre (HKMC), or the Law Society of Hong Kong (HK Law Soc), you are required under their rules to fulfil a certain number of CPD hours per review cycle.  Profectional® makes it simple to accrue CPD mediation hours as members at multiple mediation centres can earn HKMAAL, HKIAC, HKMC and HK Law Soc Mediation CPD points from the same course.

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Broaden Your Knowledge Base and Expand Your Career Opportunities with CPD

Continuing Professional Development is designed to ensure the knowledge and skill of practitioners remains current, relevant and finely tuned, and ensures that they continue to grow over the course of their career as an alternative dispute resolution professional.  Broadly speaking, there are three main areas of CPD which can be engaged with to meet the requirements for continued accreditation.  These include training, voluntary works related to mediation, and professional activities.

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Get the Necessary CPD Hours to Maintain Your HKMAAL, HKIAC, HKMC or HK Law Soc Accrediations

We offer a full range of courses tailored for the work you'll face as a mediator, arbitrator or facilitator of other dispute resolution mechanisms.  With classes focused on a wide range of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) topics, you will walk out of a Profectional® seminar a more informed mediator.

Don’t get overwhelmed.  Get your HKMAAL, HKIAC, HKMC and HK Law Soc CPD points from a single course.  The minimum CPD course requirements for these are as follows:

Hong Kong Mediation Accreditation Association Limited - Based on a 3-year review cycle, a HKMAAL Accredited Mediator must undertake at least 15 hours of CPD during the previous 3 years in order to renew his/her status.  Starting from 2019 however, a HKMAAL Accredited General/Family Mediator should obtain a minimum of 5 CPD points every calendar year.

Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre - A HKIAC Accredited Mediator should acquire a minimum of 20 hours of CPD during a 4-year review cycle to be able to renew his/her accreditation.

Hong Kong Mediation Centre - A mechanism of a minimum of 10 CPD points must be completed by a HKMC Accredited Mediator is required on a 2-year review cycle.

The Law Society of Hong Kong - In addition to the general CPD requirements, i.e. 15 CPD points per year, every HK Law Soc Accredited Solicitor-Mediator must meet 20 hours of Mediation CPD during a period of 4 years from their admission.

It is therefore ideally to maintain 5 CPD points per year so as to cope with the requirements of all the professional bodies above.

Browse our range of mediation classes below or see our full list of classes for career inspiration.  Classes covering a diversity of legal topics as well as practical skills such as problem-solving, negotiation and communication skills could inspire you to a different path.

Contact Profectional® today at 3118 2371 or [email protected] to book.

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