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CPD Course:
Family Law
- Jurisdictional and
Financial Implications
in International Cases

Presented by
Ms Caroline Langley,
Barrister-at-Law, Attorney-at-Law,
Mediator, Trinity Chambers,
NITA Certified Trainer,
Fellow, International Academy
of Matrimonial Lawyers,
Co-Chair, ABA International
Section Family Committee,
Executive Committee Member,
Hong Kong Family Law Association,
Chair, ABA Hong Kong City Chapter

Family Law - Jurisdictional and Financial Implications in International Cases
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Code: EVT000000040 Level: Intermediate
Date: 5 December 2014 (Friday)
Language: English
Time: 14:30 - 17:45 Accreditation(s): LSHK 3.0 CPD Points
HKMAAL 3.0 CPD Points
HKIAC 3.0 CPD Points for
Accredited Mediators
Venue: Request for Rerun:
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Presenter's Profile:
Ms Caroline Langley

Caroline Langley is a Barrister and a US Attorney.  She combines two decades of experience in her international family law practice with her tri-jurisdictional qualifications in England & Wales, Hong Kong and the United States.  In her work as a lawyer and mediator she aims to create an environment of accountability through which to achieve a successful result for the family as a whole.

Professional Appointments:


2010 - 2012:

2005 - 2007:

Chair, American Bar Association Hong Kong City Chapter
American Bar Association,
International Child Abduction Mediation Task Force;
Fellow, International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers;
Vice Chair, American Bar Association, International Section;
Vice Chair, American Bar Association, International Section,
Foreign Legal Consultants Committee;
Co-Chair, Boulder Bar Association Civil Litigation Committee;
Member, "ICCAN", US Department of State International Child
Abduction Attorney Network.

Education and Career:

1982 - 1984:
1984 - 1987:

1989 - 1991:

1992 - 1994:

1997 - 2000:

2004 - 2011:

2012 - Present:

Bachelor of Science (Honours), University of Lancaster
Research Biochemist
Syncor Corporation, Berkley, USA
Royal Free Hospital, London, England
Barrister, Call to the Bar of England & Wales
Chambers of Robin Stewart, Q.C., Temple, England
Lecturer, Law
University of Hong Kong
City University of Hong Kong
UHK School for Professional and Continuing Education
Barrister, Call to the Bar of Hong Kong
Trinity Chambers, Hong Kong
Family Mediator, CDR Associates
Attorney, State of Colorado, USA
Assistant Attorney General, Denver, Colorado, USA
Certified NITA Trainer, National Institute of Trail Advocacy
Attorney, Partner
Family Law International, Boulder, Colorado, USA
Attorney, US District Court, 10th Circuit
Barrister, Trinity Chambers, Hong Kong

Course Outline:

Many divorces in Hong Kong today have an international element.  As such, there are jurisdictional and financial implications. Choosing where a divorce is to be adjudicated is pivotal in securing the best outcome for your client.  How a marital estate is to be divided varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.  Some countries favour equitable distribution and others, community property. How assets are valued and the standards which apply to the valuation and the rules regarding discovery also vary and must also be considered when choosing the appropriate jurisdiction.

This seminar will look at the factors that are involved in choosing the most appropriate forum for the client by identifying factors which are most favourable to the client.  The financial implications of a business valuation and the lawyer’s role in that process is also examined.  The aims of the seminar are to provide the lawyer with a basic knowledge of what are the issues and the advantages and disadvantages to consider in choosing an appropriate jurisdiction and in valuing a business.

There are unique factors involved in the division of an international marital estate, this course will cover the followings:

  • Jurisdiction
    1. Practical or favourable
    2. Habitual residence, domicile, citizenship
    3. Discovery: Hague Evidence Convention 1970
  • Valuation methods for business
    1. The lawyers role in business valuations
    2. Issues that the expert must address
    3. Valuation of the client’s interest in the business
    4. Methodology
    5. Standards
  • Use of government standards

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