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CPD Course:
Notarial Practice
Relevant to
In-House Lawyers

Presented by
Mr. Samuel Li,
Solicitor & Notary Public,
Samuel Li & Co., Solicitors & Notaries

Notarial Practice Relevant to In-House Lawyers
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Code: EVT000000436 Level: Intermediate
Date: 6 August 2024 (Tuesday) Language: Cantonese
(Course Materials in English)
Time: 14:30 - 17:45
(Reception starts at 14:00)
Accreditation(s): LSHK CPD Points being applied for
Venue: Admission:
Standard Fee: HK$1,980.00
Advanced Booking: HK$1,680.00
(on or before 23 July 2024)

Please call 2116 3328 for details
and Group Discount
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Presenter's Profile:
Mr. Samuel Li

Mr. Samuel Li is the Sole Proprietor of Samuel Li & Co., Solicitors & Notaries.  He qualified as a solicitor in Hong Kong in 1983.  He passed the Notarial Examination in 1995 and was admitted as a Hong Kong Notary Public.

Samuel now focuses on notarial practices.  In the preceding 20+ years as a Hong Kong Notary Public, he has an excellent track record in providing notarial services to clients including overseas government, and world's leading brand companies.  More than 70 countries and regions on world's 5 continents have accepted Samuel's notarised documents.

Samuel has presented 40 seminars to professionals to demonstrate notarial practice, with total audience exceeding 3,485.

Samuel is the author of the soon released notarial book named "Notarial Services in Hong Kong: General Principles, Values and Practice".

Samuel has received 14 Pro Bono Legal Services Awards & Professional Volunteer Service Awards respectively from the Home Affairs Bureau of the HKSAR, The Law Society of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Council of Volunteering in recognition of his promoting legal knowledge and professional volunteering services to the public.  In 2014, Samuel was nominated by the Hong Kong Law Society to participate in the Second Leadership Bauhinia Volunteer Award competition organized by the Agency for Volunteer Service.

Course Outline:

Notaries Public belong to one of the 3 branches of the legal profession, alongside the barristers and solicitors.

Notaries Public have a ‘quasi-judicial’ role.  The profession of Notaries Public has an integral role in the modern justice system.

Notaries Public are vital for international commerce.

Hong Kong Notaries therefore have an international function and an internal function serving businesses and citizens.

This is one of the 7 seminars given by the speaker relating to Hong Kong Notarial Practice.  This seminar is especially for In-House Lawyers, with court case studies and illustration of real life notarial work relevant to In-House Lawyers.

Understanding Notary Profession

  • Brief Summary of History of the Oldest Branch of Legal Profession, from ancient Rome to Present
  • Notaries Public v Solicitors & Barristers
  • Internal and International Functions of Notaries Public
  • Benefits of Notarial Intervention

Team Working between In-House Lawyer and Notaries Public

  • Purposes of In-House Lawyers Seeking Notarial Services
  • Notarization that In-House Lawyers often Need
  • In-House Lawyers Team Working with Notaries Public

Notarial Process in Action

  • Case Studies
    1. Sun Hung Kai Investment Services Limited v Sharp Merit International Limited & Ma Bo Kee; HCA1176/2005
    2. Noble Power Investments Ltd and another v Nissei Stomach Tokyo Co Ltd [2008] 5 HKLRD 631
    3. Penta Investment Advisers Ltd v Allied Weli Development Limited, HCA 1656/2012; CACV 222/2014 and CACV 25/2015
  • Past Notarial Work Examples to Demonstrate Notarial Services

Further Matters

  • Concluding Remarks
  • Further Take Away
  • Questions & Answers

This course is provided by:  Kornerstone Limited
The Profectional Company Limited
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