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CPD/CPT Course:
Personal Branding
Law Professionals

Presented by
Ms Nidhi Kush Shah,
Founder & Director,
Alchemy Consulting

Personal Branding for Law Professionals
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Code: EVT000000036 Level: Standard
Date: 29 August 2014 (Friday) Language: English
Time: 14:30 - 17:45 Accreditation(s): LSHK 1.5 CPD Point
SFC 3.0 CPT Hours
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Presenter's Profile:
Ms Nidhi Kush Shah

Nidhi is a passionate Entrepreneur, Speaker, Writer, Facilitator and Coach specializing in Personal Branding, Communication & Interpersonal Skills courses.  After gaining leadership and training experience in Australia, Hong Kong, India and Nepal, she founded Alchemy Consulting in Hong Kong.  Over the years, Nidhi has helped hundreds of professionals build their personal brand and transform their communication and people skills into powerful assets.  She gets regularly invited to speak and deliver trainings to chambers of commerce, corporate firms and universities.  Her rich experience and diverse background of having worked with the east and the west gives her a deep understanding of professional and cultural nuances of working and succeeding in these regions.

Nidhi loves to travel and learn about different cultures and people across the world.  Her travels within 17 countries so far, has helped her in understanding what inspires and motivates people and what makes them connect with each other.  She draws from these unique experiences during her training sessions giving them a distinctive edge.  Nidhi believes that learning is a continuous process and it should be fun, inspiring and practical to implement and so are her training programmes are completely interactive and full of techniques which can be implemented right away.

Course Outline:

Our "Personal Branding for Law Professionals Training Programme" is a uniquely designed, highly interactive and inspiring programme.  Personal Branding is a concept which goes beyond self-marketing.  It is a process which helps professionals completely discover their unique strengths and talents and apply them to achieve their work goals.  It is a process through which professionals can connect with their colleagues and clients and achieve mutual success.  Personal Branding enables law professionals to build their reputation of authenticity and a unique identity in the law world.

Course Contents

  • How Personal Branding can help Lawyers and Solicitors achieve greater success at work? Why Personal Branding is important?

  • Discovering Personal Brand - Personal Brand-Audit exercises to help participants identify, understand and implement their unique strengths and talents

  • Building your Personal Brand - Visual Appearance to stand out from the crowd

  • How to create powerful and positive first impressions while meeting clients and stakeholders

  • How to use effective Non Verbal Communication Skills of Body Language, Tone, Voice and Personal Presence to create an impact

  • How to establish and manage a positive Online Brand

  • Communicating your Personal Brand Statement

  • Being the 'Brand Ambassador' for your organization

  • Using Personal Brand to connect with clients

  • Effective Business Networking Strategies to enhance your personal and corporate brand

Training Methodology

Our trainings are highly interactive and participative.  We use a number of exercises, case studies, role plays, audio-video aids along with presentations and other study material.  During the training, we simulate real-time work situations and encourage participants to practice their skills in a safe learning environment.  This ensures that the training is more practical, interesting and easy to retain.

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