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CPD Course:
the Leave Stage
in Judicial Review

Presented by
Dr. Stephen Thomson,
Associate Professor,
School of Law,
City University of Hong Kong

Understanding the Leave Stage in Judicial Review
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Code: EVT000000221 Level: Intermediate
Date: 9 May 2018 (Wednesday)
Language: English
Time: 14:30 - 17:45
(Reception starts at 14:00)
Accreditation(s): LSHK 3.0 CPD Points
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Presenter's Profile:
Dr. Stephen Thomson

Dr. Stephen Thomson is an Associate Professor at City University of Hong Kong, where he leads teaching in administrative law.  He is a Legal Adviser to the Ombudsman of Hong Kong, a member of the Constitutional Affairs and Human Rights Committee of the Law Society of Hong Kong, and an examiner on the Overseas Lawyers Qualification Examination.  Dr. Thomson holds a Ph.D. in judicial review from the University of Edinburgh (UK).  In addition to his experience in the field of administrative law, Dr. Thomson is the leading authority on equitable jurisdiction in Scotland where he has written the only book on that subject, cited with approval in the supreme civil court in Scotland.  Dr. Thomson has practical legal and commercial experience, having worked at a UK law firm and acting on a consultancy and advisory basis to law firms, private clients and public bodies in Hong Kong and the UK.

Course Outline:

The leave stage is an important preliminary aspect of judicial review procedure.  If an application fails at this stage, it will not be considered at a substantive hearing.  This intermediate level course will give an overview of the leave stage, beginning with the relevant statutory and court rules.

We will examine five main areas which can prove decisive at the leave stag