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CPD/CPT Course:
Cloud Computing
Security and Policies
- An Appreciation for
Legal Professionals

Presented by
Mr. Anthony Lim,
Cloud Security Alliance

Cloud Computing Risks: Security and Policies - An Appreciation for Legal Professionals
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Code: EVT000000136 Level: Advanced
Date: 26 August 2016 (Friday) Language: English
Time: 09:30 - 12:45
(Reception starts at 09:00)
Accreditation(s): LSHK 3.0 CPD Points
(LSHK Allocated Number: 20162863)
SFC 3.0 CPT Hours
Venue: Request for Rerun:
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Presenter's Profile:
Mr. Anthony Lim

Anthony, CSA’s APAC Market Strategy Director, has nearly 20 years of professional experience as a cybersecurity pioneering professional, advocate and business leader in the Asia Pacific region, and is competent in many various aspects of cybersecurity, his recent and current pursuits being application security, cloud security, SCADA/ICS/OIT and Smart/Safe cities.

Anthony is a long-time popular public speaker and content contributor at many business, industry, academic and government/defense conferences and media (print, broadcast, internet) in the region, and interviewed often on Singapore TV News.  He has been a presenter at all 3 annual editions of the prestigious RSA Conference APJ (2013-2015), a guest and adjunct instructor at several universities (Master’s Degree) and Singapore Polytechnic (final year) on matters of cybersecurity and governance, and was an inaugural member of IBM’s Asean Cloud and Smart Cities committees.

He was also involved in building 2 of ISC2.org’s internationally-accepted professional technical certifications (CSSLP - software development security, and the new CCSP - cloud security).

Course Outline:

  • Introduction - What is Cloud Computing?
  • Types of Cloud Services
    1. SaaS (Software as a Service)
    2. PaaS (Platform as a Service)
    3. IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)
  • Cloud Computing
    1. Benefits and Deployment Model Options
    2. Cyber-Security Risks and Concerns
      • System Down-time, Loss of Service
      • Data Leak
      • Data Loss
      • Data Sovereignty/Ownership
      • Exit Clause, Vendor-lock-in
      • Inability to Demonstrate Compliance
      • Loss of Control
  • Legal Considerations
    1. Data Security and Ownership
    2. Protecting Yourself
    3. The “Green Men from Mars” Clause
    4. When Bad Things Happen to Good Companies
    5. Terms Which Need to be Covered in a Cloud Service Contract
    6. CSA Legal Working Group
    7. Which Law Applies to Data Held in a Cloud?
    8. Legal Considerations Regarding Cloud Storage Services
  • Security Policies and SLAs (Service Level Agreements)
    1. Policy and Management Considerations
    2. Cloud SLA Best Practices
    3. Tips for an Effective (ITSEC) Policy
  • Other Considerations and Guidelines
    1. Guidelines from the Singapore PDPC (Personal Data Protection Commission)
    2. Considerations from Migrating to the Cloud
    3. ISO-27017 - Code of Practice for Information Security Controls Based on ISO/IEC 27002 for Cloud Services
    4. IDA (Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore)
      • MTCS SS-584 - Multi-tenant Cloud Security Standard
      • Cloud Outage Guidelines
    5. Hong Kong Government Guideline on Cloud-based Data Protection
  • CSA Open Certification Framework
    1. Benefits of CSA Star Certification
    2. New Professional Technical Certification for Cloud Security

This course is jointly provided in partnership with:  Kornerstone Limited
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Course: Cloud Computing Risks: Security and Policies
- An Appreciation for Legal Professionals
Cloud Computing Risks: Security and Policies - An Appreciation for Legal Professionals
Presenter(s): Mr. Anthony Lim
Date: 26 May 2017 (Friday) (Amended)
Time: 09:30 - 12:45
Venue: Kornerstone Institute, 15/F, Hip Shing Hong Centre,
55 Des Voeux Road Central, Central, Hong Kong
Language: English
Accreditation(s): LSHK 3.0 CPD Points
SFC 3.0 CPT Hours
Admission: Standard Fee: HK$1,780.00
Advanced Booking: HK$1,480.00
(on or before 12 May 2017)
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