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CPD Course:
Appearing in the
Coronial Jurisdiction:
A Medical Perspective

Presented by
Miss Olivia Tsang,
Plowman Chambers

Appearing in the Coronial Jurisdiction: A Medical Perspective
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Code: EVT000000103 Level: Intermediate
Date: 27 October 2015 (Tuesday) Language: English
Time: 15:30 - 17:40
(Reception starts at 15:00)
Accreditation(s): LSHK 2.0 CPD Points
(LSHK Allocated Number: 20153688)
Venue: Request for Rerun:
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Presenter's Profile:
Miss Olivia Tsang

Olivia obtained her law degree from the University of Hong Kong and qualified as a solicitor in 2002.  She worked for the Department of Justice for 10 years before choosing to join the Bar and move into private practice.

In her 10 years of service in the Prosecutions Division of the Department of Justice, Olivia started off as a Government Counsel and was subsequently promoted to Senior Government Counsel (Senior Public Prosecutor).  Olivia has conducted criminal trials and appeals at all levels of court, from the Magistracy to the Court of Final Appeal.  She has conducted a wide range of cases including corruption, complex commercial crime, computer crime, money laundering, sexual offences, violent crime, dangerous drugs and immigration offences.  She also has extensive experience in quasi-criminal matters involving industrial and construction safety, public health, and environmental law.  Olivia left the Department at the level of Deputy Section Head of the ICAC (Public Sector) Unit.

Since being called to the Bar, Olivia has been involved in a wide range of criminal matters and is also developing her practice in matrimonial law.

Olivia is a contributing editor of Hong Kong Archbold.

Course Outline:
The Coroners’ Ordinance (Cap.504) - An Overview

  • The Role of Coroner
  • Death Inquest
    1. Circumstances under which an inquest
      1. might be held
      2. must be held
      3. is required by the Secretary for Justice to be held
    2. Purpose and Nature
    3. Appearance by Counsel or Solicitor
      • "Properly Interested Person"
    4. Procedures
      • Empanelment of jury
      • Questioning of witnesses
      • Rules of evidence
    5. Adjournment
    6. Findings
    7. Recommendations
    8. Significance of any verdict, findings or recommendations in subsequent proceedings or claims

Medical Cases and Death Inquests

  • Representing Medical Practitioners
    1. Evidence of medical practitioners and/or hospital
    2. Medical records and medical reports
    3. Police interviews
  • Representing Next of Kin
    1. Application for waiver of autopsies
    2. Evidence obtained at inquests

This course is supported by:  Kornerstone Limited
The Profectional Company Limited
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